Message From Chairman

Ali Elbadry Furniture
Message From Chairman

So far we do our best to produce our items with the perfect quality of furniture, passion and care of artisan which makes each item an authentic masterpiece that stands out amongst all other which relies on more than 300 expert from Carpenters & craftmanship stuff in the different process of (Designs, Wood Coating, Varnishes, Upholstery and Finishing).

Manufacturing of Furniture

Specialized in producing Modern, Steel Funiture, Antiques Funiture, Office Furniture, Hotels Furniture, and Handmade Furniture.

The Company owns the experience of manufacturing the different furniture items, such as Bedrooms, Dining Tables, Living Room, Sofa...etc. All me of natural wood with the highest raw materials.

Our company obtained ISO 9001, 2008, ISO |800| 2007
Now we will obtain ISO |400| certification as a result of our continued success in presenting the best offers for customers, organizing the processes of production efficiently, and applying the quality of management systems.