Corporate History

Furniture History

Everything owns a history. Yes, everything. That sectional: it has a history. The chair: tonnes of it. Your desk: you don't also want to know. Furniture is very common today that it's easy to skip that every section is part of a classical series of technology. Furniture has been made in many materials and many styles. As a material, wood is generally available, is soft enough to easily work with, light enough to move, and sturdy enough to last. As a result, wooden furnishings have played a big role in human history. So pull up a chair, and let's talk furniture.

Where we first see wooden furniture really appearing in the archeological record is in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. These were some of the first major civilizations in history, with strong hierarchies of power, and the rich put money into commissioning wooden furniture. As it turned out, a wooden bed was more comfortable than a bed made of a stone slab. The Egyptians made wooden stools, beds, and tray-tables. Arms and legs were added to stools to create the first throne-style chairs in Egypt, a practice the Mesopotamians built on by establishing a hierarchy of furniture that was only accessible to people of certain privilege. This set a precedent that certain kinds of chairs were only made for royal rumps, a tradition that would continue through the centuries.

Our Corporate History

Ali Elbadry Sons Furniture is the best Egyptian furniture, Egyptian designer, manufacturer, office furniture Egypt, and retailer of world-class furniture. The company was founded in Damietta as a small workshop in 1952 by Ali Elbadry, who had started his career 16 years earlier as an assistant carpenter.

At the outset, Mr. Ali Elbadry was decided to make his way and to leave his own mark in the one area he valued the most. His main goal was to offer clients high-quality outputs, with innovative designs, and most importantly, at an affordable value of money.

Ali Elbadry one of the best furniture stores in Cairo we provide modern furniture, modern bedrooms, we grew and expanded throughout the years. In 2008 the company obtained ISO 9001, he launched his new factory in Damietta.

Today, Ali Elbadry factory occupies an area of 6,000sqm, with a production capacity area of around 12,000sqm, and employs 600 employees. It has provided top-class furniture to top government ministries' offices, private palaces, universities, and Presidential offices in Egypt and the MENA region.